Tributes to Mikee

A brick in the Dolphin Research Center wall of fame has been donated by the Bayer Family in honor of Mikee Jones, It reads : Mikee Jones "Jolly Mon Sing".

A donation from Susan and Joseph Vizzoni was presented to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation in loving memory of Mikee.

A $2500 donation was presented to Yeshiva Gedola of Bridgeport by Michael Jacobson and family in honor of Michael Robertson Jones. Click here for letter.

In honor of the memory of Michael Robertson Jones Psychotherapeutic Services is naming their newest group home in New Castle Delaware Mikee’s Place. Mikee’s will feature a music therapy program.

A $500 Michael Jones Memorial Scholarship to the National Guitar Workshop has been awarded to one of Mikee’s guitar students.

Loyola University of New Orleans is planning to rename their sound engineering space in memoriam to Michael Robertson Jones.

Revolutionary Side Effects new album "North Hollywood" EP  and release show for their on April 3rd will be in honor and memory of Michael Robertson Jones. The show will be documented and put on u tube for all to see. The album can be purchased  starting April 3rd at or on

International Star Registry named Star Ursa Major RA 12h32m54s 61 degrees 1 minute. Michael Robertson Jones (Mikee) Donated by Judy Cerenzia.

Two trees have been planted in Israel in honor of the life and soul of Michael Robertson Jones by Dr and Mrs. Lawrence Blumberg through the Simcha Chapter of Hadassah.


On a trip to New Orleans on May 13, 2009, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jones scattered the ashes of Michael Robertson Jones who died unexpectedly in New Orleans on Valentine's Day February 14, 2009. Mikee  arrived in  New Orleans to attend school at Loyola University on the eve of Hurricane Katrina. After a semester's evacuation, Mikee returned to New Orleans  and made it  his home  until his graduation in May of  2008.  Although Mikee had traveled extensively, New Orleans quickly became his  favorite city. He enjoyed playing his guitar at  The Fly, a stretch of Mississippi riverbank in the Audubon  Park, as well as visiting the Tree of Life and the giraffes there. He was  a frequent visitor to Jackson Square and The Moon Walk, part of the river walk in downtown New Orleans.  In  private ceremony, his parents scattered ashes in each of these places . His Mom, Dusti said, "He  always loved this city and would have loved the idea of literally being part of it ."

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