Mikee’s Celebration of Life: A Note from the Parental Unit

Bob and I want to thank everyone who attended Mike’s memorial, and those of you who were not able to, but were there in spirit. We felt wonderful vibes throughout the day and although there were some tearful moments, they all reflected honor and respect for Mikee; who he was, what he accomplished, how his life affected so many and the depth of love and friendship for him.  The memorial service was beautiful, a wonderful farewell to a wonderful young man. As guests entered the country club, lovely young women presented each with beads that Mike had collected at various Mardi Gras’. The wonderful atmosphere this created lasted throughout the day. The nondenominational service conducted by Mikee's seventy something friend, a Lutheran minister, Rev. Ed Fisher, was heart touching and right on target. Ed started by saying that he had done many services for 70 year olds who seemed to have stopped living their lives at a much earlier age, but  Mikee is the first person for whom he has done a service   whose accomplishments reflected  a 70 something life in just 23 years! Mike’s Shaman and spiritual advisor for the past 7 years, Suzen Vizzoni performed a beautiful farewell to “this” life ritual. The eulogies given by Mikee’s best friends had the room both laughing and crying at the same time. They were littered with plenty of Mikeeisms, inside jokes, and as Jimmy Buffet sings, “Partly true stories, believe it or not!” Over a dozen people spoke of “Life with Mikee” expressing friendship, gratitude, love and regret that although they will now live life without Mikee present and accounted for, his spirit, energy and enthusiasm will always be with us. A special song by Grace Bagwell and video tribute from The Psychotherapeutic Services Corporate Group, with which Mikee worked over the last 10 years, stole the show. Literally hundreds of relatives, friends, neighbors and business associates came from all over the world. Every school Mikee ever attended, including preschool, was represented. Mikee’s first, second and fourth grade teachers attended, as did his middle school lacrosse coach. Mikee’s high school guitar instructor, who first turned him on to music enterprise honored him by learning some of Mikee’s original compositions and taking Mikee’s place at the guitar. Thanks to Patti Willard, our friend who arranged the event; in addition to lovely candles, plants, flowers, water features, refreshments and mementos; there were hundreds of beautiful pictures and videos of Mike on display, literally from his birth to his last photo shoot. These included a life size cutout of Mikee playing his guitar, so Mikee was able  “sit in” with each talent and band. The music arranged for and MC’d by Will Farrar was phenomenal.  The Grilled Lincolns, Mandorla, Energy Field Band, and John Bushnell played a wide variety of Mikee’s favorite music. The event ended with a giant jam session of all the musicians playing Mikee’s original composition “Laugh Out Loud”.  If you were there, you know the room was filled with love, and if you were unable to attend, we wish you could have been there to feel that outpouring. Thanks to everyone for such a great day; to those who attended, wrote, sent gifts, called, or even jus sent air hugs and positive vibes. We appreciate them all and we are sure Mikee does too. The website is currently being updated with pictures, comments, etc. and will remain open as a way to keep Mikee alive for us.  If you spoke at the memorial and have a written copy or notes, we would love to have you post them on the website or fax then to Patti Willard at 4107789668 if they need to be typed. Please go to www.mikeejonesmemorial.com. to express your comments about the memorial, post pictures or videos,  add a Mikee story, or just say hello . . . we know that Mike’s energy is still with us and are sure he wants to hear from his friends, as do we.

Love and thanks to all,
Dusti and Bob


Today, I spent part of the better part of  the afternoon opening condolences cards and jotting notes of who has sent flowers, cakes, brownies, hams, turkeys, fruit, candy, veggies, full meals, a cleaning lady and a even a set of  Mikee Jones “memorial” glasses. I felt so cared for and thankful that Bob, Mikee and I have such wonderful friends whose out pouring of sympathy, empathy and just plain love helps us so much at this time. When I finished my task, I walked down to our delivery area and found another 22 cards, several more gifts and even dinner! These are in addition to the wonderful condolences, Mike stories, pictures and, memorial fund donations that have come through the memorial website. We are honored and grateful. Thank each and every one of you for helping us through this time of loss. You have touched our hearts.

Bob and Dusti Jones

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